poesie – Bloodrose

LEGENDA RATING – Si prega di fare attenzione agli avvisi, per evitare di leggere componimenti non adatti alla propria età e sensibilità.
Dark = tipo di linguaggio forte, violento o volgare
Lime = nella poesia ci sono dei riferimenti sessuali espliciti
Smile! = parodia, comicità

Le poesie originali sono in ordine decrescente, dalla più recente alla più vecchia.


Who you are?
What am I to you?
What do you want?
I don’t find an answer…I know that’s impossible…but,
I’m trying to understand…why are you always my shadow…
Why are you always with me?…
Is it true what they said?
Are you a monster? Or didn’t they just see your light into deep bloody eyes? I don’t believe that you are a fallen angel,noble creature with rosy lips.
I’m sure of this, but then, what are those fangs?
What is your intention? Do you want to hurt me?
No,it’s not true.I still remember all the time when you was my saviour,when you held me strongly, touching my face with your gentle hands. What is changed since then? Nothing…
I see through your heart and I know that you are always the one, you are still my hero, my sunlight, my everything. Why are you so close to my neck? Why are you kissing it so slowly? And now…why are you putting your hands down? Why are you going so far from me? Do you want to leave me in my darkness? You don’t answer,you don’t talk to me. Why? Is there something wrong in me? Am I the cause of your sadness?
I cry and the silent tears wash my face, you look me and even if we are in the same room I feel you so distant…You come again close to me and, taking my hand, you say that I’m not the problem, but then… why are your eyes looking the pavement?
I don’t know your feelings for me, you are so sweet with me, so nice,so carefull and you try don’t leave me alone behind…You say that you want to protect me…but from what? Every time I’m so close to you, you become so cold,you push me away and you run away…Why? Why are you so rude with me? Then in the night,I hearr your voice and I discover you next to me,you are so handsome, so dissimilar to me,we are in two different worlds,you whisper slowly.Then you hold me strongly, you kiss my neck and say me: “ Don’t be afraid.I’ll be always here for you. I’ll protect you from all your fears”.
Afraid?…For what? I ask you. A smile is drawn on your lips and show your fangs. I’m not scared,if you want, you can bit me and suck my blood from the neck. You look me deeply and close your eyes,then, you disappear and stay erectly in front of me. I scream that I want you and that I don’t care about your true nature . You smile and come to hold me again.Finally you say me with sorrow of your intensive voice:” It’s impossible but I’ll be always by your side.I promise,my darling”.
I scream loud and cry,and I find myself in your arms.
You touch my hairs, my checks and put my head on your cold chest,whispering gentle words. I could stay in this way forever,until the day I die. No matter what you are, I will be always yours, sweet heart.
Now I know that you are a vampire, a bloodsucker but it isn’t a problem if you stay with me. I’ll be yours for the eternity if you allow me,nothing will can take apart our damned love.

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