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Materiale inviato da: Sophitia, Garl


1° videogames – “Ciel nosurge” (Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta)

2° videogames – “Ar nosurge” (Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star)


Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star – Original Soundtrack
Anno: Marzo 2014
Formato: 3 CD
Pubblicazione: GUST, Frontier Works
Compositori: Ken Nakagawa, Akira Tsuchiya, Daisuke Achiwa, Kazuki Yanagawa, Haruka Shimotsuki

Ar Nosurge OST CD Disco 1
01 To the Songless Hill -Harmonics Pre=Ciel-
02 Onogoro
03 S/L
04 The Blue Ark
05 Green Lands for Ar nosurge
06 A Nearby Place that Seems Faraway
07 So People Can Be People
08 Fireflies in the Shade of the Trees
09 Let’s Walk to the Station
10 Use the Discolored Sign as a Mark
11 Rainbow Temple
12 Mysterious Parade
13 Miniature Garden
14 Everything Will Get Distorted Soon
15 A Clear Landscape
16 Don’t Run in the Train
17 Calm
18 Teorema
19 AT Inside ~Anomaly~ for Ar nosurge
20 Ancient Memories for Ar nosurge
21 The Color-Carrying Wind
22 Horizon
23 The Warmth Conveyed by the Water
24 The Cistern of Sin
25 Burial Chamber

Disco 2

01 Minakata
02 Mikazuchi
03 Hazuchio
04 Susanoo
05 Tsukuyomi
06 Kusanagi
07 For My Friends
08 Collaborators
09 Exchanged Words
10 Inorganic Love
11 Carry as Much as you Can
12 To an Unknown Place
13 The Netting of the Heart
14 Misty
15 At the Avenue
16 A Coward Egg
17 Sand and Electric Chairs
18 A Crime Worse than Death
19 The Light Swaying in the Ravine
20 Hereditary Selection
21 Make a Treasure Bloom
22 The Light of Bonds 2
23 L.C.P.

Disco 3

01 Day of Smiles
02 The Easily-Distracted Princess
03 Letting the Wings Rest
04 The Hourglass Doesn’t Fall
05 Eyes, Sprouts and Paralysis
06 Pale Blurring
07 Going Upstream, Following the Path
08 Our Turn!
09 Decisive Hour
10 Factor of Unrest
11 Supply us Always!
12 Ashihara
13 I Left the Explanations to You
14 Crawling Tale
15 A Tense Moment
16 When I Listen to your Heart’s Pulse
17 Lane of Thoughts
18 Requiem
19 Storyteller
20 The Wink of the Morning
21 The Wink of the Night
22 The Ones Who Sit at Those Desks
25 Hymmn::FEMINI_SAT
29 Cooking Time ~All Cast Ver
30 Sundrysong ~All Cast Ver
31 Medirisk ~All Cast Ver
32 Mechanisong ~All Cast Ver
33 Your Plugin ~All Cast Ver


Neptlude (Class::NEPTLUDE=>extends.TX_CLUSTERS/.)

tema portante del videogames
Voce: Haruka Shimotsuki
Versione: integrale.

testo originale – Neptlude (Class::NEPTLUDE=>extends.TX_CLUSTERS/.)
Tranquilize your mind. We’ll connect our hearts, and then I’ll dive into your abyss.Iyon-ne-eq nami-nu-ric iyon mou-n
You thought of yourself as a shadow
iyon an-mou-n nami-nu tes-nz,
for such a long time that you don’t even remember when you started to.

Itsukara soko ni shizumu kedakaki shiro no hanabirasora wo motomuru wa uruwashiki maboroshi no otome yo

The sublime white petals sink down there since unknown times,
oh, beautiful illusory maiden that seeks the skies.

Iyon-ne-eq nami-nu-ric iyon mou-n
You thought of yourself as a shadow

Kagirinaki mayoi michi ni sumiwataru yami no kaze ni
inorizo sasagen
shirienu hikari namida wo ukabete
In the endless confusing roads, in the clear winds of the darkness,
offer a prayer.
Your tears begin spilling at the sight of the unknown light.

Ef fai nery-i en-wa-fen-ne iyon ahi refu-ea
I’ll go now to where you continue lying in a deep sleep,
ef loa wai-na syei-ei-i iyon ahih refu-ea
to save you from the loneliness in which you’re frozen.

kimi wo sagasu kono tenohira mukae ni yuku to
todokanu koe keshikaru yoru
furisosogu tsuki no kage saa
In this mysterious night, with a voice that can’t reach you,
I’ll go to receive you with these hands that seek your presence
under the descending shadow of the moon. Come now…

iyon-ne-eq nami-nu-ric iyon mou-n
You thought of yourself as a shadow
iyon an-mou-n nami-nu tes-nz,
for such a long time that you don’t even remember when you started to.
iyon-ne ner-nr nami-iz wa-fen-nz-ne a-z
The darkness enshrouding you was everything you knew of.
og-az-ne i-o-n ahih=og-an-ea i-tes!
I won’t let you die!

namikaze taenu umiga sokoi mo shiranu minakiwa
akaritoyomose to tsutsuyami ni kadzuku kono utagoe
At the sea in which the wind and waves never cease, and in the unknown depths of the water,
my drowning voice sings you to shine a light to the shaft of darkness.

iyon-ne-eq nami-nu-ric iyon mou-n
You thought of yourself as a shadow

amata no kage no sumika awa ni majirite
mokuzu ni oboru waga mi ni wa
tayomanu kokoro negai wo idakite
The dwelling of countless shadows is mixed up with the bubbles,
into which my body drowns between the scraps of seaweed,
while my unrelenting heart is embraced by wishes.

Ciel_Nosurge Ar_no_Surger


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