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Materiale inviato da: Marichan, Leonatos, Annette.

Nota: la saga di “Resident Evil” in Giappone (dove è stato creato) è chiamata “Bio Hazard”, i cd perciò hanno il titolo originale.


videogames – “RESIDENT EVIL” (Bio Hazard)

videogames – “RESIDENT EVIL: CODE VEROINICA” (Bio Hazard: Code Veronica)


Colonna sonora originale del primo videogames dedicato a “Resident Evil”.
Anno: 1996
Etichetta: Toshiba – Emi

biohazard01 TRACKLIST

  1. Terror (Darkness Lives)
  2. At Deep Mountains and Dark Valleys, the Night Begins
  3. The One Who Survives
  4. Fatal Bite
  5. Wandering About
  6. A Testator
  7. The Moonlight Sonata
  8. Yawn
  9. Peace of Mind
  10. Dismal Field
  11. Ivies’ Domain
  12. Vacant Flat
  13. What You Hear Is…
  14. Flooded Corridor
  15. Plant 42
  16. Deception
  17. Unexpected Crisis (The Nimble One)
  18. Queer Structure
  19. Sigh of Relief
  20. Narrow and Close
  21. Trust or Not
  22. Requiem
  23. Concealed Passage
  24. Black Tiger
  25. The Depth (Far from the Sun)
  26. Disclosed Secret
  27. Concrete Bound
  28. Double-crosser
  29. Treat to Awful Fright
  30. 10 Minutes Until Explosion
  31. Finally the Two Met
  32. 5 Minutes Until Explosion
  33. Tyrant
  34. Still Dawn

Colonna sonora originale del secondo videogames dedicato a “Resident Evil”, il cui titolo originale è “Bio Hazard” (tutti i cd con la colonna sonora riportano il nome originale del videogames)
Anno: 1998
Etichetta: Suleputer

biohazard02 TRACKLIST

  1. The Beginning of Story
  2. Annette’s Recollection
  3. Normal End Title
  4. Special End Title
  5. Credit Line of Whole Staff
  6. Prologue
  7. Raccoon City
  8. The Front Hall
  9. The First Floor
  10. The Second Floor
  11. Secure Place
  12. Leon With Claire
  13. The Library
  14. Sherry’s Theme
  15. The Basement of Police Station
  16. ‘T’-A
  17. The First Malformation of ‘G’
  18. Ada’s Theme
  19. The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)
  20. The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)
  21. The Second Malformation of ‘G’
  22. The Underground Laboratory
  23. Is Ada Spy!?
  24. Escape From Laboratory
  25. Good Bye, Leon
  26. Mother
  27. One More Kiss
  28. ‘T’-B
  29. The Third Malformation of ‘G’
  30. And After That…
  31. Credit Line

Colonna sonora originale del terzo videogames dedicato a “Resident Evil”.
Anno: 1999
Etichetta: Suleputer
Numero cd: 2

biohazard03 TRACKLIST

CD 1

  1. The Last Escape
  2. Option Screen
  3. Title Calling
  4. Her Determination
  5. The Opening
  6. The Beginning of Nightmare
  7. Is There a Way Out?
  8. The Great Novelist
  9. Free From Fear
  10. Meeting Brad
  11. Cold Sweat
  12. The City of Ruin
  13. Imminent Slaughter
  14. Nemesis’ Theme
  15. Feel the Tense…
  16. The Front Hall
  17. The First Floor
  18. Well Dressed Up
  19. The City Without Hope
  20. Watch Out for Your Back
  21. Carlos’ Theme
  22. Never Give Up the Escape
  23. Nicholai’s Theme
  24. Together for the Escape
  25. Valediction
  26. Coldhearted Soldier
  27. Quick & Fast Relief
  28. The Common Cure
  29. Escape to Ecstasy
  30. Zombies Trespassing
  31. Free Falling
  32. Abrupt Gunfire
  33. Don’t Come Any Closer!
  34. Complete Rest
  35. Hero Time
  36. S.G.G.S. Explosion
  37. Pride and Valor
  38. An Impending Danger
  39. Cable Car Crash

CD 2

  1. Ominous Presentiment
  2. The Clock Tower
  3. Don’t Lose Courage
  4. No Rest for the Wicked
  5. Mysterious Orgel (Correct)
  6. Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)
  7. From Relief to Terror
  8. Menacing Nemesis
  9. Unstoppable Nemesis
  10. Bring Back Her Consciousness
  11. The Hospital
  12. Traitor
  13. Almost There…
  14. Nemesis Again
  15. Nothing But a Pawn
  16. Earthquake?
  17. The Grave Digger
  18. The Park
  19. The Disused Plant
  20. All of a Sudden
  21. The Worst Scenario
  22. Defiant Behavior
  23. The Last Argument
  24. Deservedly Death
  25. Four Minutes Before the Treatment
  26. Nemesis Doesn’t Give Up
  27. Treated to Resurrect
  28. Missile Approaching
  29. Against the Chopper
  30. Emergency Level D
  31. Nemesis Final Metamorphosis
  32. The Last Decision
  33. The Second Chopper (Ver. 1)
  34. The Second Chopper (Ver. 2)
  35. The Second Chopper (Ver. 3)
  36. Euthanasia of Raccoon City
  37. Unfortunate Event
  38. Staffs & Credit
  39. Ever After
  40. Title Calling (Arranged Ver.)
  41. Choose the Best One
  42. The Doomed City
  43. Hellish Agony
  44. Freedom Obtaine
  45. Reward and Result
  46. Commercial-1 (Short Ver.)
  47. Commercial-2 (Long Ver.)

Colonna sonora originale del videogames.
Anno: 2001
Etichetta: Suleputer

biohazard_codeveronica TRACKLIST

  1. The Movie
  2. Prologue
  3. The Opening: Claire Version
  4. Thrown Into Despair
  5. First Contact
  6. Death Siege
  7. The Palace of Insane
  8. A Moment of Relief
  9. Piano Roll
  10. Greetings
  11. Induction
  12. Curiosity
  13. Father
  14. Lachrymal
  15. The Suspended Doll
  16. Not Alexia
  17. A State of Emergency
  18. The Theme of Tyrant 3: Ver. B
  19. Crash!
  20. Blanc
  21. The Theme of Nosferatu
  22. The Ending of the Beginning
  23. The Opening of Chris Version
  24. Berceuse
  25. Still Alive
  26. To Antarctica
  27. Subzero
  28. Deja Vu
  29. Not Steve
  30. Love?
  31. The Theme of Alexia Type 1
  32. A Beautiful Battle
  33. Silence of the Air
  34. The Code is Veronica
  35. Transformation
  36. Resurrection
  37. Final Weapon
  38. The Theme of Alexia Type 2
  39. For S.T.A.R.S.
  40. Confrontation
  41. Awesome Powers
  42. Invincible
  43. Velocity
  44. End Credits (Complete Version)
  45. Set Free
  46. End Credits Dreamcast Original Version

Colonna sonora originale del quarto capitoli della saga di videogames.
Anno: 2005
Etichetta: Suleputer
Numero cd: 2

biohazard04 TRACKLIST

CD 1

  1. End of Umbrella
  2. The Drive First Contact
  3. Ganado I
  4. A Strange Pasture
  5. A Ruined Village
  6. Ganado II
  7. Serenity
  8. Ganado III
  9. Del Lago
  10. Noche
  11. El Gigante
  12. Echo in the Night
  13. Hard Road to the Castle
  14. Game Over
  15. Catapult
  16. Garrador
  17. Ganado IV
  18. Cold Sweat
  19. Target Practice
  20. Novistadors
  21. Central Hall
  22. Agony
  23. Evil Malaise
  24. Death From Above
  25. Crazy Cultist Drivers
  26. Bad Vibes
  27. Verdugo
  28. Robo-Salazar
  29. Tower of Death
  30. Salazar
  31. Save Theme

CD 2

  1. Infiltration
  2. Ganado V
  3. Regenerator
  4. U-3
  5. Path to Closure
  6. Krauser
  7. Back-Up
  8. Final Battle
  9. The Escape
  10. Horizon
  11. Sorrow (Ending Credits)
  12. Result
  13. The Mercenaries
  14. The Mercenaries~Leon
  15. The Mercenaries~Ada
  16. The Mercenaries~Krauser
  17. The Mercenaries~Hunk
  18. The Mercenaries~Wesker
  19. Assignment Ada
  20. Assignment Ada End Roll ~tarde
  21. Assignment Ada End Roll ~noche
  22. The Another Order
  23. Ganado VI
  24. Interlude
  25. Intention
  26. Shipyard
  27. End and Aim
  28. The Enemy
  29. Time Limit
  30. The Another End

Colonna sonora originale del quinto capitoli della saga di videogames.
Anno: 2009
Etichetta: Suleputer
Numero cd: 3

biohazard05 TRACKLIST

CD 1

  1. Title Movie
  2. Opening -Chris’s Arrival-(Original Ver.)
  3. Item Box
  4. New Fear
  5. Magic Act
  6. The Butcher
  7. The Town
  8. First Encounter
  9. Majini I
  10. Hospitality
  11. Majini II
  12. Game Over
  13. Damsel in Distress
  14. Majini III
  15. A Piece of the Puzzle
  16. Unidentified Threat
  17. An Emergency (Digital Ver.)
  18. The Storage Facility
  19. Result
  20. The Ripper
  21. Executioner
  22. The Crisis ~Reinforcements Arrive
  23. Voice of The Darkness
  24. Terror from Above
  25. Flying Nightmare
  26. Pursuer and The Pursued
  27. Shaking off The Majini
  28. Grand Resurgence
  29. Burning with Anger
  30. Delta Team’s Distress ~New Decision
  31. Shadows of the Past
  32. Eerie Stillness
  33. Majini IV

CD 2

  1. Majini V
  2. Unite but
  3. Too Late
  4. Get out!
  5. Majini’s Trap I
  6. The Patrol Boat
  7. Evil Mutation
  8. A New Clue
  9. Ancient Noise
  10. Majini VI
  11. Majini’s Trap II
  12. Excella and Wesker
  13. Underground Garden
  14. The Claw
  15. Huge Facility ~And then
  16. Gigantic Attack
  17. The Enigma
  18. Majini VII
  19. Haze of Horror
  21. The Mask
  22. Two on Two
  23. Old Friends,New Enemies
  24. Sad but true
  25. Trust
  26. The Tanker

CD 3

  1. Majini VIII
  2. Shot or Death
  3. A New Nightmare Begins
  4. Fragment of Fears
  5. The Sign
  6. A Big Despair (Digital Ver.)
  7. Message
  8. Majini IX in Flames
  9. Rematch
  10. Wind of Madness (Digital Ver.)
  11. The Vulnerability
  12. Sky-high Skirmish
  13. The Final Curtain
  14. Deep Ambition (Digital Ver.)
  15. Striker
  16. Homeward Bound!
  17. Pray -Theme Song- (Original Ver.)
  18. Plan of Uroboros (Digital Ver.)
  19. Menu
  20. Viewer
  21. Colors
  22. Assault Fire
  23. Dreamy Loops
  24. On the Bass
  25. Rust in summer 2008
  27. Do you challenge Again?


Koori No Manazashi

sigla iniziale del videogames “Resident Evil” (“Bio Hazard”)
Interprete: Fumitaka Fuchigami.
Versione: integrale.

testo originale – Koori No Manazashi

mitsume au shunkan… (machi ga iro aseru)
kanjita no wa eien… (me o somukete mo)
modakashiize kono DISTANCE… (mou yaki tsuiteru)

tozasanai de… sono mabuta ni kakusareta
mabataki no nai ai wo kure yo…

tomerarenai kono omoi TOKI ga tomatte mo…
dakishimetai oreru hodo TSUMEATO wa kienai…

I can’t stop lovin’ you
sono koori no manazashi kono te de tokashiteyaru
I can’t stop lovin’ you

sore chigau shunkan… (wagamama na kami wa…)
hisoyaga na sasayaki… (yuuwaku no kaori…)
jirettaize sono DRESS… (setsunaku kara mitsuku…)

tozasanai de… sono hitomi ni kakusareta
itsuwari no nai ai wo kure yo…

tomerarenai kono omoi ASHITA ga konakute mo…
dakishimetai oreru hodo TSUMEATO wa kienai…

I can’t stop lovin’ you
sono koori no manazashi kono ai ni tokete yuku
I can’t stop lovin’ you

The pain it hurts The pain it hurts
I’ll fight like the Demons til the day I die
The pain it hurts The pain it hurts
Never believe in the lie

Yume De Orasenai…

sigla finale del videogames “Resident Evil” (“Bio Hazard”)
Interprete: Fumitaka Fuchigami.
Versione: integrale.

testo originale – Yume De Orasenai…

mou kono te nobashitatte sono namida nuguenai yo
kitto mukae ni yuku kara hohoemi wa tayasanai de
yakusoku wa atsuku tsuyoku tomadoi tachi kitte

hito no nami ni KIMI ga kasun demo
furikaeranai yo me o tojireba itsutatte
sugusoba de mitsumeteru janai

yume de orasenai! chippoke na negai demo
kaze wo NABI ni shite REERU no ue aruite yukou

oshitsuke no MANYUARU ni shibararetecha mae ga mienai
tatoe kono machi no ame ga ore wo kourasete mo
kono mune no taka nari wa dare ni mo tomerarenai

dakedo futari de hagunda ai wa
kurushi katta ase mo kawakasu yo
soshite mata aruki hajimeru

yume ja owarenai!! sono mukou ni kimi ga iru
“SAYONARA” wo koete mata dakishimetai no sa…


sigla iniziale del videogames “Resident Evil: Code Veronica” (“Bio Hazard: Code Veronica)
Interprete: Fumitaka Fuchigami.
Versione: integrale.

testo originale – Berceuse

There was a friendly, but naive King
who wed a very nasty Queen.
The King was loved, but
the Queen was feared.

Till one day strolling in his court,
an arrow pierced the kind King’s heart.
He lost his life and
his lady love.

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